Thank you to everyone for donating.

Heartfelt thanks go out to:
Debi Bernardi
Therese Boblak
Anne Boyd
Mae Coleman
Patty Collins
Karen Danielewicz
Alyce DeBoer
Mickey Depre
Maria Fandl
Mary Anne Gaynor
Margaret Hoban
Midge Holzinger
June Jablonski
Doris Johnson
Mary Kowalczyk
Diane Kowalczyk-Wilcyek
Cherylanne Maloney
Pauline Meekma
Tina Miklas
Shelley Mota
Maureen Mulryan
Majorie Radas
Eileen Rowan
Karen Sadzewicz
Rosemary Skinner
Darlene Stengele
Chris Tragos
Lucille Virzint
Midge Ward
Nancy Wardrope

The first of the prosthetics are ready to go!!

Donation Knitting Day Inspiration
My mother, a breast cancer survivor, recently passed away. As I was going through her things, I found her prosthetics. She had both fabric and silicone prosthetics and I was struck by the sheer weight of them. Some of them still had the receipts with them and I was further appalled at how much they cost. The fabric prosthetics were $190 and the silicone were almost $400!

My sister suggested that we donate them so I called the Y-ME organization in Chicago. They were thrilled to receive them and even wanted Mom’s prosthetic bras. I packed them up and off they went to the Sharon Rose Wig & Prosthesis Salon at Y-ME.

Several days later, Julie came into the shop for yarn for a sweater. As we chatted, she mentioned that she had found a pattern for a knitted prosthetic on the internet and would I help with the pattern. A breast cancer survivor herself, she was hoping that a knitted prosthetic in a yummy yarn might be more comfortable and certainly less heavy than the manufactured ones.

I couldn’t get Julie off my mind. I found the pattern on the internet and contacted both Y-ME and the Pattern Designer. “Would you be interested in receiving knitted prosthetics?” I asked. “May I use your pattern for a donation knitting day?” The answer was a resounding yes from both and my donation knitting day was born!