Knitting is not only a pastime for the working class, but also for big time Hollywood actors who like to use it to unwind on set or after a long day. Some have called knitting the “great unifier,” and I would have to agree. I thought it would be interesting to highlight some of these actors that we have come to know and love and learn a bit more about them. When I started to research these actors who shared my love of knitting, I started to respect them even more!

So here in no particular order are actors who love to knit just like you and me.

Kurt Cobain

cobain-knitThis one I was definitely surprised by! You typically don’t think of things like arts and crafts when talking about famous rock stars, but Mr. Cobain is certainly as exception.

Kurt was beyond his years in more ways than one, and this just proves it even more. He was a gentle soul that left us too soon.



Uma Thurmun

uma-knittingUma Thurmun is an actress who has a great range to her and can channel a lot of different characters, so it’s no surprise to me than she is a deep human that loves to knit! I have loved all her movies, especially the ones she did with Quentin Tarantino like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. What a laugh it would be to see her on the set of those bloody and violent movies just relaxing and knitting away.

Grace Kelly

kelly-knittingNow we are getting to some of the classics! Grace Kelly is such a timeless actress and beauty. I can remember watching her movies as a little girl and just being totally enamored by her poise and grace. Me and my father Both Loved “To Catch a Thief” and I still watch it pretty regularly till this day. Seeing these shots of her in old movies not only brings back great members, but also cements in my mind what a true giant this woman really was.


Marilyn Monroe

monroe-knittingAnother classic actress who was incredibly multi-faceted. She played so many different roles and touched the lives of so many people, even until this very day. Like Grace Kelly, I was always fascinated by Marilyn and her presence, as I think man other people were as well. I recently came across this interview with her whole looking around for this blog post and and I could it to be just incredible. Such a smart and articulate woman.


Martha Stewart

martha-knitHere is one we can file under the “no duh” category, but I thought it was good to include her because she’s been such a great influence on me and some of my friends. Not only is she a strong women, but she is incredibly business savy and one heck of a craftsman. I would have loved to reached where she is at in here career and no post about knitting would be complete without her!

So there you have it! This is far from a complete list and maybe I will do another one down the line but it’s pretty eye opening to see how people people this craft and hobby has touched.