Truck Parts Research Center For Remanufacturing Inauguration

, ISX EGR Cooler regarding Jinan, Shandong China Strong Truck Group Co., Ltd. and students can, wanting to offer the first Chinese automotive industry is the just simply National Heavy Vehicle Industrial hygienist Technology Research Center, could be the first in Shandong Region to set up constructing enterprises rely on The nation’s Engineering Research Center, accomplish the formation of Jinan City National Engineering Technological innovation Research Center breakthrough. Large Heavy Vehicle Engineering Reference point Center of China Robust Truck Group has first been established in Shandong Savoir-faire Research Center of weighty vehicles and statelevel commercial enterprise technical centers China Large Vehicle Technology Development Coronary heart ready to form the cornerstone of, After three involving intense preparations, in January passed the National Science Organization experts.

February this year, from a technical perspective approved by Ministry at Science agreed to start China National Heavy Taxation Truck Group for i would say the support unit for the main heavy automotive engineering knowledge research center set until fill the center of commercial enterprises in Jinan City, National Engineering Technology Seek out Center in the holes and achieve a the ancient breakthrough, stateowned enterprises for Jinan City, deepen a reform of the company structure optimization, building a creative city with important hands-on role. Restructuring since ! the Chinese heavy always enhance independent development capability and core competition for the development, push new products every year, every year the enhancement of new results.

Engine implemented from scratch, from small to enormous. In recent years have also introduced the natural gas engine, electric control EGR Shows emission engines, fully in line with their research and development, to fill the space in China, making Taiwan become the only weighty truck ECU control practice independent intellectual property protects of heavy truck employment. Rising level of vehicle development, as a result of single to Steyr comes with formed HOWO, Steyr King, Jinwangzi nine series excessively models, and has end up being the form of heavy truckers and power industry essentially the most comprehensive coverage enterprises.

Introduced a selfdeveloped recent HOWO A Series, could be the only volume production computerized transmission heavy truck service. CNHTC has accumulated patented , and it authorized the patent or become the largest a vehicle industry companies patent last year, the Ministry within Science Group was approved as a recognized enhanced enterprises. The National Major Vehicle Engineering Technology Studying Center was established certainly further accelerate the launch China’s heavyduty automotive industry, and promote the total technological level of China’s heavyduty vehicles continue improve and speed up our personal heavyduty vehicles in area of promotion and applying of highend technology, to limited the industry and all of the international advanced level, and after that fundamentally improve our important competitiveness of heavyduty automotive, heavy truck China Too much Vehicle Group will nevertheless be National Engineering Research Centre as the basis, as a result of of industry, technology, information, capital and technology and then personnel to significant advantages, by virtue of chief the industry development, balance and integration of market resources, ability to handle the heavy duty car technology research and development, application and demonstration, Results and technical services, and even lead China’s heavy automobile industry, healthy and great development, the heavyduty autos the progressive realization because of the field from all “Made in China” – “Created in China” at leaps and bounds.